Ank in Hindi means a mark.
An impression.
What memories mean to us.

Looking back at them we want to relive those moments, thoughts, that context. We want to read that chapter from the book of our lives. We of course move on. Carry on with our lives. But every once in a while life gives us a breather. And we feel like calling an old friend, or reliving moments in life which were precious. I am not greedy for permanence, but I do hope the joy of looking back does not fade with time.

In the last 5 years or so, I shot over 7 dozen weddings in over 25 cities across India. Being from Bangalore I've shot quite a few weddings in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa & Kerala. And have been lucky to travel all the way to Himachal, Rajasthan & Gujrat, Jharkhand, MP, UP and more places. I have met lovely people and made so many friends all over India.

Many weeks or months later some of these friends write back to me saying how they relived their day
looking at all pictures again. I acknowledge with a smile and get inspired to create more impressions for the chapters of our memory.

Save the Date Nishit Wedding

Save the Date

Shanna Neel Makeup-49

Shanna’s Bridal Make-up #Candid Delhi

Candid Wedding Homenew-11

Color on the beach

Home Candid Wedding -27

Pureshka & Ram’s wedding in Kerala

Home Candid Wedding -43

Post wedding candid shoot at Adalaj ki Vav

Home Candid Wedding -84

Walking to his wedding in a Desert

Candid Wedding Homenew-15

Together in everything they do.

Candid Wedding Homenew-17

After the wedding at Elements Bangalore

Candid Wedding Homenew-7

Sun and sea as witnesses before fire.

Candid Wedding Homenew-1

Jimmy choos and other precious shoes

Home Candid Wedding -64

Nisha’s candid wedding in Anand

Himesh Bangalore Wedding

Genda Phool

Home Candid Wedding -59

When rain makes it beautiful

Candid Wedding Home New-7

Some pics I click for photobooks

Candid Wedding Home New-16

Divya spins with joy

Candid Wedding Home New-6

Old world meets the New world

Candid Wedding Home New-10

Chandan and Madison’s Wedding Rings

Candid Wedding Home New-4

Kerala Candid Wedding at Leela Kovalam

Couples Candid Wedding -53

Jigar + Akshi in Gujrat

Couples Candid Wedding -25

A couple shoot at Windsor Manor, Bangalore